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pc wire

ISO 9001:2008, ISO14001:2004 Qualified ;
uncoated stress-relieved round high-carbon steel wire,commonly used in prestressed linear concrete construction
Used in PC pipeline, PC Sleeper, Bridge, Inclined Cable.
Manufacturer comply to standard GB/T5223,BS-5896,AS1310,ASTM A421 EN10138-2004, JISG3536

Low Relaxation PC Strand

PC Wire
Standard: BS5896-1980
    The low relaxation process is applied to PC wires to decrease the loss of relaxation, which
represents the stress decrease as a function of time, under an imposed strain of constant
magnitude. Structural calculation takes into consideration this loss; therefore, if relaxation loss is decreased, the
steel section for a given stress is also lesser.
The low relaxation characteristics are conferred to the product through a thermo-mechanical
process that heats the steel wires at a temperature of approximately 400 ยบ C and
simultaneously submits them to a tensile stress such that it creates on the material a plastic
strain of the order of 1%.
Application: PC pipeline, PC Sleeper, Bridge, Inclined Cable,

BS5896-1980 PC Wire
nominal diameter (mm) nominal tensile strength (mm) area of section mm2 min breaking loading KN load at 1% elonation KN min elongation at max load L0=200mm ductility test relaxation
reverse bends
bend times bend radius mm initial load actual breaking load 1000h value no more than
relax class 1 relax class 2
7 1570 38.5 60.4 51.3 3.5% 4 20 60% 70% 80% 4.5% 8% 12% 1.0% 2.5% 4.5%
7 1670 64.3 54.7
6 107 28.3 47.3 40.2 15
6 1720 50.1 42.6
5 1860 19.6 32.7 21.8 15
5 1960 34.7 29.5
4.5 1720 15.9 25.8 21.9 15
4 1860 12.6 21.3 17.9 10
4 1960 22.3 19.0

Coils weights between 2.5 and 3.5MT.
All coils are wrapped in a protective polyweave with metals strapping. Strapped to wooden or steel
pallets (According to the requiement of customers).

PC Wire China Standard:GB/T5223-2003
PC Wire Australia Standard:AS1310-1987
PC Wire Americas Standard:ASTM A 421-1998
PC Wire UK Standard:BS5896-1980
PC Wire Japan Standard:JISG3536-1994

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