pc wire

pc wire

ISO 9001:2008, ISO14001:2004 Qualified ;
uncoated stress-relieved round high-carbon steel wire,commonly used in prestressed linear concrete construction
Used in PC pipeline, PC Sleeper, Bridge, Inclined Cable.
Manufacturer comply to standard GB/T5223,BS-5896,AS1310,ASTM A421 EN10138-2004, JISG3536

pc wire

Uncoated stress-relieved steel wire for prestressed concrete
Standard ASTM A421-1998
     cold-drawn wire; low-relaxation wire; prestressed concrete; steel wire (tendon); stress-relieved wire; Concrete reinforcement--specifications; Prestressed concrete; Steel wire (prestressed concrete); Cold-drawn steel wire--specifications; Steel wire (tendon); Stress-relieved steel wire; Uncoated steel wire

ASTM A421-1998 PC Wire
nominal diameter (mm) min tensile strength min stress at 1% extension min elongation L0=250mm relaxation
type BA Mpa type WA Mpa type BA Mpa type WA Mpa initial load nominal min tensile strength 1000h value no more than
4.88mm ~ 1725 ~ 1465 4.0% 70% 80% 2.5% 3.5%
4.98mm 1655 1725 1407 1465
6.35mm 1655 1655 1407 1407
7.01mm 1620 1620 1377 1377

Coil size, Packaging and Shipment:
Coil size: ID: approx.1.7m; OD: approx.2.2m; Thickness: approx.0.3m.
Coil weight: about 1500kg; can be adjusted according to the clients' demand.
Packing: PP Bag + PE film + water-free paper multiple packing.
Shipment: By 20’Container or Bulk Cargo Vessel.

PC Wire China Standard:GB/T5223-2003
PC Wire Australia Standard:AS1310-1987
PC Wire Americas Standard:ASTM A 421-1998
PC Wire UK Standard:BS5896-1980
PC Wire Japan Standard:JISG3536-1994

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