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PC Strand

Spec Range: 9.3 mm., 12.5, 12.9, 11.11, 11.3, 15.24 and 15.7 mm.
PC Strand
Raw Materials: High-carbon steel wire rods, SWRH 82B
Processing: Continuous drawing by means of big reduction of area, twist, stabilizing treatment
Features: High tensile strength, low relaxation, stable modulus of elasticity, stress-relieved, firm connection with concrete, low stress, stable construction, good combination with steel reinforced concrete; saving material, reducing distortion and construction weight, increasing the abrasion resistance, water resistance, stiffness.
Our PC Strand which confirm to the technical standards such as GB/T 5223, GB/T 5224, ASTM A-416, BS 5896, JIS G3536 or customized.
PC strand can also be supplied in various forms for pre- or post-tensioning applications, with plain or galvanized material ranging from 3 wires, 7 wires, 19 wire and compacted construction.
PC strand is mainly used for the reinforcement of prestressed concrete structures, such as large-span railway and road bridges, major bridges, silos, buildings, dams, floor slabs, foundations, large concrete vessels, atomic reactor buildings, stadiums, airport hangers, pre-cast segments, crane beams, anchorages and multi-storey industrial buildings etc.
PC strand is also used for the construction of highways, poles and water towers in civil construction, and energy source sea transportation, house buildings, water control projects, and rock and earth anchoring components to increase the tensile force.

PC Strand
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