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Low relaxation pc strand

ISO 9001:2008, ISO14001:2004 Qualified ;
Low relaxation PC strand application for large-span bridges on railways and highway,rock-soil anchoring project,
multi-story industrial buildings,stadiums,coal mines,domes for nuclear power stations and etc.
Manufacturer comply to standard ASTM A416, BS5896, AS1311, JISG3536, ISO6934, EN10138

Low Relaxation PC Strand

Steel strand tensioning process analysis

1 strand, anchorage, folder must check

2 jacks, pumps, meters be checked before use, and evaluation. Tensioning equipment used by hand and management and regular maintenance of the tensioning device unused for long periods prior to use and full of check on a regular basis.

Reserved to keep channelsThe prestressing tendons channel generally use embedded bellows into the hole, positioning of reinforced channel should be used for fixed installation. These channels should be smooth, and the end portion of the anchor plate shall be perpendicular to the centerline of the hole during the installation of the corrugated tube, as far as possible to avoid repeated bending, and to prevent the welding sparks combustion Wall.

4. The chain wear beamWear chain beam, the number of shares of each beam check mark at the end of the beam and inspection to prevent the pore cross-kink. Clean up fragments of order according to the the original embedded in the anchorage between the number of shares, and then hand hammer gently tap it to hold the chain. Exposed length of the clip should be neat.

Grouting (1) when the concrete strength reaches 90% of the design strength, before tensions. Symmetrically at both ends of the tension, the tension sequence should meet the design requirements, the tension should be slowly and evenly in this process should enable the jack at both ends of the value of elongation and tensile. (2) prestressing tendons tension control pressure the stable before anchoring.Anchoring completed, and after passing inspection, you can reduce the excess end stocks, non-arc welding, gas welding and cutting. Stresses the grinder cutting, cutting the exposed length should not be less than 30 mm. The ③ filling. The grouting intensity should meet the design strength, such as the design strength of the beam the same label. Grouting has good maneuverability Stir the slurry, slurry storage barrels, and keep stirring to prevent precipitation.

6 out of the flat-slab tank and storage
The just end note pulp box girder immovable, will shun to wait until the grout strength to meet the design strength before lifting out of the slot. Lifting transport should be responsible for command..

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