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Low relaxation pc strand

ISO 9001:2008, ISO14001:2004 Qualified ;
Low relaxation PC strand application for large-span bridges on railways and highway,rock-soil anchoring project,
multi-story industrial buildings,stadiums,coal mines,domes for nuclear power stations and etc.
Manufacturer comply to standard ASTM A416, BS5896, AS1311, JISG3536, ISO6934, EN10138

Low Relaxation PC Strand

Pc strand prestressing

Tension sequence N1N2N3N42 tensioning procedure: refer to "bridge and culvert construction technical specification JTJ041-2000 and construction design drawings, prestressed steel strand tension when pouring concrete strength of 90% of the design strength and age must be more than three days before the tension. Design strand φs15.2STM416-94a270, low relaxation) specification strength Ryb = 1860Mpa elastic modulus the E = 1.95105Mpa nominal area A = 140mm2 strand. Anchor clip type self-anchored anchor, so do not need to be super tension. The tensioning process: the beginning of 0 the stress ~~ δcon held anchor tea 2min) the three pull both ends symmetry tension, tension steel beam dual control tensile force and elongation values. Elongation tolerance control is within ± 6%. In order to ensure that both ends of the tensioning process can be carried out simultaneously, as well as to facilitate the stretching process in the actual elongation, tension process carried out in stages, as follows: at the beginning of 0 the stress initial stress to δcon held tea 2min anchor ) 4 pull, should be adjusted to the initial stress δo initial stress should be 10% to 15% of the tension control stress, accident analysis slippery silk (i) may be in tension between the anchorage taper with Clip debris. (Ii) strand of grease the anchor plate bell concrete and other debris. (Iii) anchoring effect North coefficient is less than the value of the regulatory requirements. (Iv), initial stress, may be uneven force uniform steel beam strand, causing strand shrinkage deformation. (V), cutting the anchor head strand is too short to stay, or take measures to cool. (Vi), plug, anchor strong enough. 2 broken wires (i), steel beam inside the pore bending, tension local stress is greater than the destructive power of the strand. (Ii) the quality of the strand. (Iii), the top of the oil used repeatedly, resulting tensile force is not accurate, and re-calibrated the top of the oil. Conclusion: prestressed tension construction, measurement and recording of the strand elongation is particularly important. The projects at the same time using two methods to measure the strand, and compare this two methods than the school, the maximum deviation does not exceed 4 mm and tensile extension rate of error in the control range. Prestressed tension in the construction of many phenomena are still difficult to accurately analyze the need from time to time quest.


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