bridge using pc strand

Low relaxation pc strand

ISO 9001:2008, ISO14001:2004 Qualified ;
Low relaxation PC strand application for large-span bridges on railways and highway,rock-soil anchoring project,
multi-story industrial buildings,stadiums,coal mines,domes for nuclear power stations and etc.
Manufacturer comply to standard ASTM A416, BS5896, AS1311, JISG3536, ISO6934, EN10138

Low Relaxation PC Strand

Pc strand drawing process advantage

Has been widely used in a variety of construction projects to go because of its unique features and benefits, strand most new building materials. Be able to better results for the construction. From time to time as the technology improved, the strand drawing process has gradually replaced the conservative-drawing process, revealing a unique advantage.

More durable than traditional materials, there is a strong strand tension. There is a strong pull, so ideally the drawing process advantages.

Strand flexibility. Needed to pull strand bending, relatively limited work surface or on the large concrete structures construction, the use of strand-drawing process, can effectively prevent the rod legacy structures affect the construction effect. Using strand-drawing process, to ensure the quality and life of the project.

Guarantee strand does not occur in the construction of elongation and deformation, be able to bear the load of construction on the the pull strand of tension. Can effectively guarantee the size and appearance consistent with the design of concrete to prevent the relatively large deviation.


PC Strand Application

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