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Low relaxation pc strand

ISO 9001:2008, ISO14001:2004 Qualified ;
Low relaxation PC strand application for large-span bridges on railways and highway,rock-soil anchoring project,
multi-story industrial buildings,stadiums,coal mines,domes for nuclear power stations and etc.
Manufacturer comply to standard ASTM A416, BS5896, AS1311, JISG3536, ISO6934, EN10138

Low Relaxation PC Strand

The characteristics and uses of the strand


Strand is constituted by a plurality of steel stranded steel products, carbon steel surface can be added as needed zinc coating, zinc-aluminum alloy layer, clad aluminum layer (aluminumclad), copper plating layer, epoxy coated (epoxycoated), etc. .


The most common strand of galvanized steel and prestressing strand, commonly used prestressing strand diameter 9.53mm-17.8mm range, there are a small number of large diameter strand. Each prestressing strand wire is generally 7, 2, 3 and 19, the wire can be metallic or non-metallic coating. Package called HDPE the the unbonded prestressing strand (unbondedsteelstrand) coated with anti-corrosion grease or paraffin.

Manufacturing Method

Manufacturing process is divided into monofilament and wire manufacturing, production monofilament (cold) drawing technology, high carbon steel wire rod, stainless steel wire rod or low carbon steel wire rod according to the different materials of the product, if necessary plated zinc, electroplating or hot dipping treatment on the monofilament. Stranded wire stranding machines used in the manufacturing process a plurality of steel stranded prestressing strand after forming a continuous stabilization process, the final product is generally closed on the word round (reel) or volume shaftless (reel-less) completed.


Galvanized steel usually means for the catenary (messengerwire), cable (guywire), reinforced core (corewireorstrengthmember), etc., but also can be used as overhead transmission the ground (earthwire / groundwire), the blocked cable on both sides of the road (barriercable) structure or building structure cable (structurecable). Prestressing strand prestressing strand uncoated low relaxation prestressed steel strand (uncoatedsteelstrandforprestressedconcrete), galvanized (Galvanized), commonly used in bridge construction, water conservancy, energy and geotechnical engineering , the the unbonded prestressing strand (unbondedsteelstrandormonostrand) commonly used in the floor, foundation engineering.

PC Strand Application

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